Whatever your technical requirements, Red Group Solutions are ready to listen to your needs and aid your business to reach its full potential.

Our Company

Launched in 2009, Red Group Solutions Ltd delivers technical solutions with a strong focus on being high quality, flexible and fast; whilst at the same time being exceptionally cost competitive.

Our People

The team members of Red Group Solutions Ltd have worked in collaboration with each other on several projects across a period of over 10 years and are committed to providing high standards of service. The experience gained working together means that we can offer a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals that can communicate at all levels, perform well together and know how to deliver results.

Our Experience

Red Group Solutions Ltd has undertaken Projects which have ranged from small website developments up to the creation of high transactional, multi million pound environments supporting both multi currency, multi lingual capabilities requiring 100% uptime.

Our Projects

Red Group Solutions Ltd has taken the ethos of our people and applied it to enable us to help your business performance excel. They have varied backgrounds and can boast over 40 years of service to a leading travel & leisure company as well as experience in a wide range of other business sectors including finance, legal, media and entertainment industries.